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This year marks 11 years quilting and well over 150 quilts (I

believe I am around 175 ish somewhere). I don’t like following patterns any more. I love to look around and everything is inspiration now (everything, especially architectural things)!!

There is no pattern (currently) for this. (If there is lots of interest, I will write one as well as kit this) There was a similar quilt I found a few years back and I loved the longarming. So I started making my own version, just so I could long arm it.

After meeting with Sharon Blackmore (Loveshack Quilts) this week I learned that I am more than capable enough to get on with this longarming stuff. I have the skills … just need to do it!

I have two more quilts that I have been too nervous to tackle. Watch for them, I am ready to longarm EVERYTHING! !

Our two year celebration is coming up. Thank you all so much for your support, kind words, shares, comments, questions etc. It’s really just amazing what has become of this ‘hobby’ of mine. I am so blessed and so thankful for all of you making this possible for me. Thank you.