About Tilted Quilt

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At Tilted Quilt our goal is to provide a fun quilting education for any level of quilter. We offer affordable notions, patterns & books, fabric & kits, and classes. Tilted Quilt will listen to your quilting visions & dreams; we want to help you with your quilting aspirations, whatever your individual goals may be.

We know that quilting is a passion. We are committed to inspiring this passion in others, enhancing skills and working together to create beautiful treasures.


Born and raised in Saskatchewan, I’ve always had an appreciation for hard work and all things homemade. From the small age of 4 I started “helping” my grandma make buns and was cooking on my own by 8. At 9 years old I developed a love for cross stitch, and in my early teens I was busy creating scrap books. I always wanted to learn to sew, especially to quilt. When I was pregnant with my first child I knew my baby HAD to have a homemade ‘blanky’. I called my Aunty and asked if she would teach me. By the end of our quilt day she said to me, “Darc, I could see you doing this.” Since that January 2005 day I have sewn over 100 quilts, taught a dozen friends and family members, learned many techniques and started to longarm. Quilting is a part of me. I love all the incredible things it has brought to my life: the support it brings a fundraiser, the joy of my children building quilt forts, the security a ‘blanky’ can be for a child, the smile when someone has opened their quilt gift, all the memories to make them, and so much more!


I have lived all over Canada and traveled throughout the planet,  experiencing different cultures and lifestyles, finding one thing consistent every place I went… I LOVE Beautiful things! Sometimes it was scenery, different artwork, use of colours and textures, and always food.

I appreciate the amazing skill that people have shown in capturing and creating beauty, I have dabbled in almost every craft on the planet found the passion shared by people teaching their skills, passing on knowledge from generation to generation, from culture to culture. I think that being creative is a gift, spreading knowledge is a choice, and I am truly grateful that I have surrounded myself with amazing talent.  With Tilted Quilt I have the opportunity to meet new people, see beautiful works of art from the idea stage to the completion and the transformation is breathtaking.

I am unable to actually complete any of the projects I have started, I get terribly excited about the next one to finish the first, so my UFO pile is bigger than I am, luckily I have lots of room!

I look forward to meeting and sharing similar experiences with all of you!